Sri Ganga Parvati Sametha Malleswara Swamy
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About Us


Welcome to Sri ganga parvati sametha malleswara swamy temple. We are located in saidepudi village, approximately 10 km northeast of Gudivada town in krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. This is a very old temple with lord shiva and goddess parvathi as main dieties. In addition, the dieties of Veerabhadra swamy, kalabhairava swamy, Subramanyeswara swamy and Aanjaneya swamy and navagrahas also thrive in the holy presence of lord shiva and goddess parvathi in this temple. This temple is home to a very old and powerful Sri chakram established by the founders of the temple.

With a noble intention of saving the temple's legacy and tradition, we have undertaken a series of development activities aimed at better organization of resources, uninterrupted rituals to dieties and proper maintenance of temple surroundings with the help of family and friends.

Please join us in this mission so that lord shivas grace is upon us and our family.

History of the temple

The temple was established by Late Sri Tadikonda Buchi Veerabadrayya. As years passed by the temple management was passed on to the following generations

Our Events

Throughout the year, multiple occasions are celebrated with utmost devotion to the god. Family and friends gather every year and volunteer to make all the events a great success. Here are the list of events performed at our temple.



We celebrate Thriannika (3 day) kalyanotsavam starting the day before mahashivarathri. Here are the list of rituals performed during the kalyanotsavam.
Day 1:
Ganapati puja, punyavachanam, pancha gavyopasana rakshabandhanam, deekshadharanam, akhanda deepa prajwalana, ankurarpanam, dhvajarohanam, agni prathistapana
Day 2:
Morning: vaasthu mandapa aaradhana, nava graha mandaparadhana, trishula mandaparadhana, nitya baliharana, nitya havanam, veerabhadra aaradhana
Evening: nityopasana, nitya baliharana, nitya havanam, kalyanotsavam, lingodhbhava anatara abhishekam
Day 3:
nityopasana, nitya baliharana, nitya havanam, ganapathi puja, punyavachanam, kotnalu, chandiswara(trishula) snanam, poornahuthi, mahadhasirvachanam



This is perhaps the most important and most celebrated occasions in our temple. Devi puja is performed throughout the 9 days of the auspicious Devi navarathri.

On the day of Aasveeja sudha paadyami, ganapathi puja, kankana dharana, dheeksha dhaarana, akhandasthapana, rudrabhishekam, kalasasthapana, navavarana srichakrarchana, saraswathi puja and durga puja are performed. Visesha pujalu on rest of the days.

In addition, vishesha puja is performed on each of the remaining days of navarathri.

In addition to the above events, we perform

  • Visesha puja and abhishekam on Shani Thriodasi and Masa Sivarathri
  • Ganapathi puja, rudrabhishekam, navavarana srichakrarchana( kumkum puja), lalitha sahasranama parayana everyday
  • Life long special pujas in the name of temple donors on their birthdays and anniversaries.

Photos and Video

We will be updading this page with the pictures and videos of latest events.

Contact Us

Our temple location

Sri Ganga Parvati sametha Malleswara Swamy Temple
Saidepudi village, Via Dondapadu
Gudivada Mandal
Krishna District
Andhra Pradesh, India.

For any inquires related to temple management, events, donations and other in general Please contact

Tadikonda Mallikarjuna Prasad
Phone: +91 9866123902

We will try our best to respond to your inquiries at the earliest.